We make to order charcoal from waste of hardwood and softwood.

The factory is equipped with modern equipment. Pyrolysis is made in retort ovens with the possibility of automation of production cycles. This helps us to decrease costs.

Our advantages:

  1. Own production of charcoal makes it possible to produce and ship charcoal all the year round.
  2. We use own raw material, i.e. waste from our wooden production. This allows to offer you rather low prices.
  3. We supply uninterruptedly any volume of charcoal to any region in Russia.
  4. We pack charcoal in big bags, different sacks (3, 5 or 10 kg) or in bulk. It is possible to brand packing.
  5. Charcoal is made to order and it helps to ensure its maximum shelf life. The less storage time is, the less the charcoal absorbs humidity. As a result the material will give away the stated temperature during the combustion.


1. According to the type of original wood the charcoal is divided into 3 groups. It gives the opportunity to choose product according to the degree of its heating power:

  • 1st group: deciduous hardwood species (birch, oak, hornbeam, beech, elm and others);
  • 2nd group: coniferous wood species (fir tree, pine tree and others);
  • 3rd group: deciduous softwood (aspen, linden, osier, alder, poplar).

2. According to the state standard the charcoal is divided into 3 classes:


Raw material

Maximum concentration of carbon / mineral components


Raw material from the 1st group  90 % / quantity of mineral components is minimal (2.5%)


Mixture of raw material from the 1st and 2nd groups 88 % with the same ash content


Mixture of raw material from all the groups 77 % / 4 %


3. Depending on the colour the fuel is divided into:

  • Black coal is made from deciduous softwood species (alder, poplar, aspen);
  • White coal is made from deciduous hardwood species (oak, hornbeam, birch);
  • Red coal is made from coniferous wood species using the technology of soft charring.

4. Depending on the dimensions and field of charcoal use it is divided into cuts:


Dimensions, mm



40 – 20

For professional and residential ovens, barbecues, fireplaces, etc.

15 – 80

For steelmaking industry. Possible to use in household for warming up and cooking

4 – 25

For steelmaking industry

Up to 6

For steelmaking industry, pyrotechnics, chemistry, etc. Used for producing of charcoal fuel bricks


Technical cut is the most popular. It is characterized by the most suitable consumer qualities for industrial and residential use.