We producethe needful quantity and quality of wood products without intermediaries or brokers and with reasonable cost.

Production of sawn timber and wood products is the main direction of our long-term activity.Currently, the entire production process of sawn timber we include the full cycle of preparation and selection of forests, such as sawing and processing of raw material recycling.

Availability of own raw materials and the modern automated sawmills and woodworking machines, strict observance of technological process allow us for many years occupying a high place in the market of sawn timber. Operation of the equipmentwhich controlled by experienced professionals, guarantees the high quality of our products, for exclusive projects which also using handcrafted wood.


We are carefully selecting the source materials before each processing step. Materials with the highest quality are getting dry in special chambers. From a technical point of view our materials are fully meet the GOST standards.

In the production of lumber preference coniferous varieties of trees (spruce, pine):

  • low cost of wood;
  • high hardness and strength of the wood ensure the creation of durable bearing design for long term high loads;
  • a large amount of resins protect the wood from fungus and insects;
  • the simplicity and ease of processing of wood.;
  • not warping when drying;
  • high breathability allows Lumber just to regulate the indoor climate.


A big amount of resins protect the wood against fungus and insects. The timbers are Easy to process, absence of warping while drying. The high breathability allows sawn wood to adjust the indoor climate.

A big attention is given to proper storage of each type of timber.

We guarantee our clients flexible terms of cooperation and a wide range of materials.