Firewood in stock

firewoodFirewood — split longitudinally into several lengths of 30-60 cm from the bark of tree trunks. Firewood pass sorting and culling (no mold, mildew or dirt), and can only be used as fuel.
By heating value, firewood divided into 3 groups:
1. birch, larch;
2. pine, alder;
3. spruce, aspen, linden, poplarь.
By species composition:
1. homogeneous (of one group of trees in calorific value);
2. mixed (wood species from different groups in calorific value).
1. Natural humidity. Felled tree contains up to 50% moisture.
2. Dried — 25-30%. Stored in a woodpile stacked in rows under a canopy.
3. Dry — 12% -16%. Stored in warm and dry warehouses with a certain temperature regime.
By Type of delivery:
1. Wood shaft. After stacking volume is reduced about 15% -20%. Firewood are not sorted by quality.
2. Firewood stacking. Delivered densely packed in a truck body, which is useful to determine the quantity of firewood.
3. Firewood packed in nets. Are packed by hand, what allows to sort defective logs.Firewood in sacks suitable for determine the quantity, unloading, storage and future use. In one cube up to 35 nets.
We guarantee high efficiency of firewood burning without high volumes of smoke and fastsoot.


Name Type of delivery Natural humidity Dried
Birch Shaft
In laying
Oak Shaft
In laying
Woodburning mixture
(70% — birch, 30% — aspen)
Shaft 45$ 54
Sawn trunks – roundwood (lumps) Shaft 43$ 1900