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Board in the sawn timber

Standard edged boards are usually made from whole logs. Board in the sawn timber required having four flat faces, and quality boards, and even the bark is removed. The principle of the manufacture is simple Читать далее

Cheap Timber

Usually, everyone wants to buy high quality goods with small prices.

Usually cheap timber can be purchased from the manufacturer, for example, we have. In this case the benefit of the buyer can be quite Читать далее

Where to buy timber

Since the timbers have their unique properties, they are highly valued in modern construction. Timbers are now used in any kind of construction work: construction of houses, auxiliary structures (frames, Читать далее

Production of a timber

Nowadays timber became one of the most popular sawn lumbers.However, with the development of timber market appears more and more low-quality goods. This is explained by that not every large or medium business, Читать далее