Production of a timber

Nowadays timber became one of the most popular sawn lumbers.However, with the development of timber market appears more and more low-quality goods. This is explained by that not every large or medium business, a producer of lumber, strictly adheres to all common standards and rules. Most of these firms are guided only by self-interest, they need to invest less and get more output. Hence, it turns out low-quality goods.

For us the most important that the buyer leaving with a smile on his face and after some time returning to us again for the next purchase. In addition, our specialists respect and appreciate his trade.

Proper production of a timber must necessarily take place in three stages, each of these steps is important.

Three required stages production of timber:

  •  At the first stage of manufacturing producer needs to carefully select the workpiece. They must be strong, and without knots or other defects of wood.
  •  The second stage — the main. It is to cut in accordance with what is supposed to be finished lumber output. It is best to cut this was carried out on modern equipment, that manufacturer had an opportunity to guarantee the quality of its products.
  •  At the third stage, a product resulting with various chemicals (antiseptics) to improve internal useful properties of wood (moisture resistance, strength, durability).

Technology specialists of our company fully comply with the above order of manufacture, so buying timber from us; you will have no reasons to doubt, because you are getting really high-quality and durable timber.Also, we produce lumber by a specific order, it is from the same species of wood that the client prefers. In this case, the price is determined directly on the basis of complexity and order volume.