What is included in the cost of timber

When choosing a quality timber should be acquainted with the process of manufacture. It is a way of processing lumber isolated species: circumcised and uncircumcised men. The main materials are circumcised board, board and bar.

In most cases, plays the role of the procurement process and the kind of material. Making a current timber needs conventional solid wood, while the output is a solid board. To get such a boardyou need a very well processed one which smooth on all sides without bark. In order to get a high quality finished product, you must use the sawmill and the output is the required thickness.

How to get a timber with a specific size?

Cutting wood is by a universal machine as sawmill.On the treated surface of the log can retire a few boards on both sides. The result isa board which is being finalized by removing from it the two slabs of a certain thickness. Through these activities, obtained timber size 200 × 200 mm, which is smooth from all sides.

In order to get the beam size of 100 × 100 mm, you need to use multiblade saw and make the cut logs into boards with the necessary thickness. Two boards can be attributed to the slab; the remaining materials are going into a new party.

Such a timber as a board is very popular by using it in the construction of country houses. It’s popular because homes are built with the help of it much faster than stones, and at the same time it gives a little shrinkage.In our days it is very important to use timber from pine. This type of wood has a number of advantages and it perfectly copes with rotting, the high level of stability in the work process.

What is the square-edged lumber? This material, when you look at it, you can see the smooth four-treated surfaces. By the Russian standard GOST 8486-86 the thickness of this material is one hundred millimeters.A close examination of the standard timber becomes clear that it has a square section. In some cases, a rectangular cross section using, this already makes the thickness of one to two.