Lumber log

swpilov This log is designed for subsequent development of sawn timber, with a diameter in the top of the log from 18 cm to 47 cm with length for softwood and hardwood of 6 m to 6.10 m, Vertical diameter of saw logwith a length of 6 m to 6.05 m.but not more than 6.10 m Vertical diameter of saw logs at a length of six meters is no more than five centimeters.

The main advantage is that the harvesting of saw logs can be done by your application in accordance with the specified delivery date, volume and requirements (length, thickness). Moreover, we carry out the loading of timber in the forest on your vehicles.


Name 500
single delivery
35-40 m3
single delivery
more than 35-40 m3
spruce, pine smalldiameter
12-17 сm
35$ 35$ 41$ 41$
spruce, pinе
18-45 см; 6000+(5-10)сm
61$ 58$ 66$ 64$
selected pine
22-30, 30-32; 6000+(5-10)сm
89$ 95$ 110$ 107$
by order by order by order by order