Where to buy timber

Since the timbers have their unique properties, they are highly valued in modern construction. Timbers are now used in any kind of construction work: construction of houses, auxiliary structures (frames, joists) and so on. This is due to a high degree of environmental friendliness and durability of the wooden material.

Our company offers a big choice of different kinds of lumber from the widest range of wholesale rates. To purchase lumber from now on you do not have to travel around the numerous vast databases, as desired to buy products you can only order the right amount. We sell materials at relatively low cost in the Moscow region and the capital itself, because our company is closely associated with the supplier.

Among the products we realized there are many different types of timber, including those that have appeared recently: floor board, planed, edged, timber, brick, siding, Lining, block-house and others.In any case, our proposed choice will fully satisfy your preferences. These products are popular in today’s market is not only individual consumers, but also more or less large enterprises. The specialists of our management department are always ready to answer all your questions with regards to the purchase of lumber.

Receiving the goods takes place as soon as possible, since the procedure of registration debugged us to the point that it may require no more than 2-3 hours.

The available in stock have a large database of lumber, the most sought after. Potential buyer of lumber needs only contact us, and he will get what he needs in the best way for him.