What is a flitch?

The cost of building materials is getting raised like never been before.Therefore, people tend to buy cheaper products. For example, in recent years has increased the demand for such material as flitch. If properly treated, this material can be an excellent substitute for more expensive lumber.

Flitch is something similar to the side part of the split logs. One of its surfaces is performed with propylene and a second not sawn or partially sawn. Its dimensions are normalized to the thin end of the width and thickness.

It is lump sawmill waste, formed when cutting logs.There are two ways for cutting logs, with the first way we can get four croakers, and by using the second method we can get only two. The average of the raw material being cut can get about 10% of the slab.

The types of slabs

Slabs are two types: woodburning and business. Croaker business is considered to be large flitch used in the production pulp chips, small sawn timberand consumer goods. This type of slabs can be in an amount of only 2.5% of the total feedstock.

Flitch finds its use as a fuel and raw material for the manufacture pulp chips. Quantity wood slabs can be determined by the coefficient of absolute woody, which depends on the size and length of the cross-sectional wood, power handling and installation method slabs.

Applying slabs

The ability to correctly and efficiently use waste is important quality that has significant impact on healthy financial development of the company. Woodworking enterprises large percentage of waste falls on the flitch. Particularly acute problem Slabs processing costs in those businesses that do not have at their disposal special equipment.Also a large number of slabs accumulate in those enterprises, which produces the highest quality board from the core barrel.

Particularly acute problem of application and processing slabs stands at businesses that have enough old equipment.

Flitch as a fuel

The flitch is irregular in shape that’s why it’s hard to find a use of it; most of this stuff is as firewood.However, this processing method cannot be considered cost-effective, because the firewood is small and narrow slab, while the material which does not fall into this category, remains unclaimed.

Flitch as a raw material

Large flitch, which width varies from 10 to 35 cm, is the production of rails and cladding material such as wall paneling. To start production of these materials, the production must be equipped with special equipment.

Fencing from slabs

Erection fences from slabs are another popular way to use this timber.This method is good because it allows for a short time and without much cost to build a temporary fence. In order to build a fence from croaker, this timber trimmed from the bark and is fixed on the guide rails. Separation bark is required to prevent rotting of wood. Processing antiseptics is required.