Wooden wall paneling

Wall paneling today is the most popular wood sawn timber. The low cost of the boards combines three important qualities: simplicity, durability and aesthetics. People are more than a dozen years of successful use wall paneling for interior and exterior decoration.A long time ago it was used for wall cladding in boxcars on trains. Initially, there was a slightly different kind of wooden bunks, with a sample of «quarter», and later appeared board to be attached via Tongues and Grooves.

Now, along with the active progress of technology production, appeared eurolining, the European version of the standard material produced by more stringent standards. Some companies don’t realize these two kinds of drying technology; it should be only the drying chamber. Depend on thesedifferences the appearance of the product at the site of application.

Lining from spruce and pine

Material from pine and spruce wood is the most common on the market today. It is produced mainly as the European profile. Lining used for any finishing work at the discretion of the consumer. Very often, in the market you can find a wooden pine boards. Before production starts, our specialists are carefully selecting wood, without any defects, even the most minor.

Wall paneling from a larch

Such material is included in the list of elite one. Shade of its wood particularly beautiful and the quality is without a doubt is always the highest. Wooden wall paneling from larch is the best to apply for interior decoration of residential and premises with a high humidity. Furthermore, when the thickness is more than 18 mm, it can be perfect for exterior finishing.

Wall paneling made of lime

Wall paneling made of lime is the most popular option for finishing baths and saunas. Linden wood is amazing carries sudden changes in temperature and humidity are constantly improved.

Wall paneling from aspen

This option compared with paneling limes, is more economical. The price of this lining is slightly lower than that of lime, and with the same high quality of the material.