Cheap Timber

Usually, everyone wants to buy high quality goods with small prices.

Usually cheap timber can be purchased from the manufacturer, for example, we have. In this case the benefit of the buyer can be quite substantial. Delivery of goods is without intermediaries, and transportation costs are excluded. However, all is not as easy as we would like.

Regarding the acquisition of cheap lumber for small private sawmills.

The whole process from a technological point of view is rather complicated. Most often, a private manufacturer of sawmill does not comply with the deadline. Because of this, cheap lumber that you are going to buy, purely because of the economic principle added to the price, as stretched as possible.If there is simply no sawmill lumber and working for a long time, it can also undermine your budget. Who will pay them for what they do not work because of the banal unavailability of raw materials?

On a small sawmill there is not modern technology, and update all existing equipment is quite expensive. Therefore, treatment of the material takes place only on the old methods. Often, the manufacturer violates cutting geometry, thus, the size of the resulting boards may vary.Such a timber, of course, will cost very cheap, but the quality will be the average one. Then you need the assistance of experienced professionals.

Not on each sawmill has its own warehouses, and especially those who meet all the conditions of storage of the material produced. Consequently, there were cases when cheap timber turned out to exceed several times the humidity standards.And if boards are not stacked as required by generally accepted standards, thenit will add undesirable curves.When ordering a custom size timber, it can be difficult to produce. These classifications need to pre-negotiate with the leader of sawmill in order to prevent any possible loss of time and unnecessary problems.