Cheap bar

Since ancient times, people used wooden beams for the construction of various structures. Beautiful home, warm baths and carved pergolas, all this is done mainly from the beam.

Currently bar spread too many sectors and spheres. This happened, for the most part, due to the fact that manufacturers have to take care of their products comply with the rules and manufacturing technologies. We take responsibility for the quality of our lumber and recommend them for any construction industry.

We produce cheap bar you can use as a primary or as a secondary material in construction. In any case, the high-quality wood still one the best constructions materials.

Standard bar is carefully processed from all sides of the tree trunk, the corresponding necessary GOST standards allotted specifically for this material.There are recommended parameters such as specific heat, humidity, quality manufacturing and other important factors that the manufacturer should always observe faithfully. Determine the level of quality timber can be on it by the presence of knots, various and their quantity.

The cost of timber primarily depends on its type. Today there are three kinds of timber:
- Unedged.
- Edged.
- Glued.

The cheapest is unedged timbers. Unedged bar is characterized by deviations of height hewn sides to the main length of the rod (usually height hewn sides below). If the deviation measure exceeds 25%, then that bar would be classified as unedged. Edged bar unlike unedged looks more carefully, and has higher cost per cubic meter than in unedged.

Here you can buy any of the three views of cheap timber. So far all the clients were fully satisfied for dealing with us.