Board in the sawn timber

Standard edged boards are usually made from whole logs. Board in the sawn timber required having four flat faces, and quality boards, and even the bark is removed. The principle of the manufacture is simple board width board to exceed the thickness of 2 or more.

Each kind of boards depending on the type of wood, from which it is made, has differences in properties and characteristics. For example, the most widely varied the thermal conductivity, the degree of water resistance, hardness and durability. These same properties can to some extent, depend on the processing performed. Price on edged boards is determined by the totality of all the listed properties.

Furthermore, the cost can depend on the initial machining (sawing) of this type of timber. In total, today, there are 3 types of cutting. It can be radial, tangential and half radial cut.The first kind is characterized by its high cost, as it requires more lumber. Boards in the sawn timber are exactly in the center, in the core. The result is strong and resistant to external influences material.

The half radial way of cutting must be done at an angle equal to 45 degrees, and the board’s cost is cheaper, and the properties are not as rich as the radial cut.Tangential cut is most budgets one, the beam is cut away from the core, resulting in a more pronounced structure.

The leading positions in sales edged boards are boards made of softwood: from pine and spruce.Due to its dense structure such material is used in finishing and it’s the most convenient one. A board of pine can be used to create floors and wall frames. More expensive wood usually go for furniture and decorative elements.

The best places to buy lumber from are large suppliers and construction companies such ours that have managed to win a good reputation in the market. Just so you can buy high quality timber board at an affordable price.