Lumber from softwood

Pine wood is one of the strongest, has a distinct smell of tar. The main features of pine resistance to rot and cracking. Its only drawback is considered an abundance of resinous substances, which are contained inside. Particularly resistant to decay of all softwood, pine differs by twisting.Thanks to a direct fiber structure pine tree is less than the others susceptible to cracking.Due to the large amount of resin pockets, wood emits a moderately pungent smell of resin. Ordinary same pine has good resistance to decay, but it can be with fungus formations. Such a wood does not have the propensity to cracking and delamination. As for spruce, it can be found in virtually every forest of our country.Percentage of spruce trees from all (including conifers) growing in the European part of Russia to the West of the Urals is 12%, which, incidentally, is a pretty good indicator. This tree, unlike the others, has slightly whorled branches.

The quality of wood depends on the place and the area where it grows. Thus, spruce which grown in the northern regions of Russia, characterized by great durability, better physical and technical characteristics.And those, of course, are important factors when choosing a material.However, in all of its properties, spruce is still inferior to pine about 10 percent.At the same time, the coefficient of quality spruce is ahead the pinetree by 3-4 percent.

Treating such timber is quite difficult because of the abundance of hard brancheswhich occurrence on the surface is not uncommon. But spruce also has advantages in relation to other species: it has high resonance abilities, one-sided structure, longer fibers and a slight resinous.Now, people are increasingly turning to foreign manufacturers of building materials, especially in the construction of baths and saunas. For example, among Russian consumers, particularly popular Canadian yellow pine. This wood is very strong, but has a lot of resins.

The only radianttype of pine has less pronounced resinous smell and like most softwood lumber, it is very strong and a good conductor of heat. However, radiate pine is not recommended for finishing works in the bath, because it is not sufficiently dense and has many pockets of tar, which is not good for areas with high humidity.

From the entire described above can be summarized that all varieties of pine are characterized by softwood with a nice pronounced texture.Staining and etching processes that can occur over time, significantly slowed down due to the high content of resinous substances.Before exposing pine wood processing, and any kind of softwood lumberthey should be treated trees,while the mechanical treatment to not be so tough.In addition, the procedures for pine dressing is necessary, it makes it easier to protect wood against fungal diseases and loss of color.

In the production of timber can also be used such softwood and hardwood, as linden, larch, Angara pine, cedar, oak, Abash, needles and many others.