Lumber in Moscow region

In our time distribution has received a lot of different woodworking organizations, which anyone can buy it the right boards in the Moscow region.Our company also sells lumber. Our potential customers are able to consult with specially trained people. If you are interested in buying lumber, we are, no doubt, ready to become your primary supplier and partner.

Our company produces various kinds of custom wood edged and sliced types, including custom sizes and individual orders.

Timber has a very rich and wide field of application.In construction areas most commonly used lumber from spruce, pine and larch. But the most prevalent wood from resin is pine as it helps to prevent rotting in places with excessive levels of humidity. In bearing designs of a most frequently used spruce resinous materials it is somewhat less than in the pine.

Along with logs existed bars, their maximum allowable thickness of six inches, and the width should not exceed the thickness, multiplied by two. Nowadays it is very popular edged material able to maintain their original quality for a long time. From wood generally made boards, beams, and floor and facing the rail, edged boards and so-called molded products. The latter include skirting, architraves, window sills, stair railings and boards for cladding.

Nowadays, Timber common in almost all regions and areas of our country, Russia has abundant forest reserves. In additional, the usage ofthe timber is in many industries.

We sell almost all existing types of lumber in the Moscow region, ranging from the usual board and finishing products of the European sample, such as Euro floor, Lining, block-houseand similar.

Typically, such articles are called lumber that are equal between the two parallel planes is cut from a single tree trunk.

Now we will try to tell you about each species of lumber in detail.
- Bar: represents a cut timber, the thickness of which does not exceed 100 millimeters and a width of two times the thickness.
- Flooring: also edged timber is used for the flooring in rooms of different types (houses, offices, community centers).
- Euro floor: this Wood Flooring with polishing made by European standards.

- Floorboards: called material at one end of which has a groove and the other lip adapted for a tighter joint.
- Edged board: is the material cut from whole logs residue-bark.
- Unedged board: different from the edged that the edges are not exposed to filing. Such material can be used wherever high requirements for its appearance exist. For example, to create a load-bearing structures, log, decking.

Unedged lumber: boards with partially sawn edges or not at all, the value of their wane usually exceed the permitted limit. Edged lumber: this boards with sawn sides and the value of wane does not exceed the norm.The edged lumber is much more popular, because it can be used in different areas of the building. whether laminate flooring, exterior trim and so on.

Any questions about the shipping and process the goods you can ask on our website or on the mentioned contacts.