Lumber wholesale

Wood long time used by people for construction, and modern construction without wood materials is simply impossible to imagine.

In recent years, including the current one, the pace of sales of lumber is growing rapidly. Perhaps the main reason for this is the positive effects and the useful properties of clean wood.In today’s realities of life, buy wholesale lumber for you to not be a problem, especially in the Moscow region. In our range of this type of products is particularly high.

What definitely you need to know when choosing and buying lumber?

The vast majority of buyers prefer to buy lumber, produced exclusively in our country. Many Russian companies are working on modern imported equipment and plants in Europe use mainly wood from our production.As for the quality of production, it has no differences between Russia and foreign countries, but the price of lumber in our country is slightly lower due to the negligible costs of transportation.

The first and the determining factor for the choice of wood is its breed. More expensive (the elite) are considered hardwoods and conifers of the highly sought after larch and cedar. Typically, the cost steadily high, and prices are extremely rare. Before you decide on the best one tree species, of which you need to purchase lumber, determine how strong they should be and for what purpose you will use them.

The type and grade of products also play an important role in the formation of prices. Some vendors sell timber according to cubical data, and some sell through measurements on running meter. The former include edged and unedgedboard and other roundwood.Products molded type represented more expensive option boards, distinguished by a special treatment, such as siding, block house, skirting and other similar products.

According to the results of a thorough analysis of the prices of products in the Moscow region, it appears that the most favorable to buy wholesale lumber is in the area but not in the capital and, preferably, in the big sellers, those who have their own warehouses. In the face of strong competition, the price of lumber may affect transport and range.

As a conclusion we can say that it is much more profitable to buy wholesale lumber and manufacturers its products, and this allows them to be fully responsible for the quality or in the big sellers.

At a higher retail price, of course, sold timber in Moscow. The reason for this may serve as the highest average salary (the highest in the country) and the expensive rent of premises. If you want to buy wholesale lumber, the search for consensus in question of price you will have no difficulty. Most of construction firms and sellers have their own warehouses in the Moscow region and beyond, or have close ties with the manufacturers themselves.