Saw logs

The quality of wood used is of great importance when working in sawmill, construction and furniture manufacturing, finishing and decoration of premises and creating a number of other works.

Wood generally divided into timber, logs and round wood. Timber has a minimum height of 24 meters, a small iconicity and a small number of branches. Saw log same call logs and ridges of different tree species, of which basically make lumber. The average height of the forest saw logs is up to 24 meters.And the taper and the number of branches in more than sawlogs, which standing timber. Builders often call these forest carrots. Roundwood has a height of 15 — 18 meters, has a slight taper, its maximum diameter — 11 — 20 cm (so called small diameter).

Saw logs is a direct timber, peeled from the tops, roots and branches, a certain thickness, length, humidity and natural wood with no obvious flaws. Best suitable for root lumber sawing logs (from the bottom of the whip): Unlike vertex logs they have much smaller knots.

Depending on the quality of the material there are three varieties of sawn timber forest:
- Grade 1: round straight logs without defects, with a small number of branches.
- Grade 2: Distortions logs and twigs.
- Grade 3: wood logs with defects, slightly rotten.

Considering as the highest quality timber is the one from the north of Russia. Trees grow slowly in the north due to the specific weather conditions and their wood is often multilayered. Producing From this wood boards with the highest density and strength.

The same saw logs sorted according to its purpose: distinguish resonant ridges, aviation, skiing and others. In addition, each type of sawlogs and lumber derived therefrom should be the size and quality meet the state standards (GOST 9462 — 88 «Round timber of hardwood», GOST 9463 — 88 «Round timber of softwood»).According to the material diameter of the apex end the thickness of the saw logs divided by the large (26 cm and a gradation of 2 cm) and the average (14 to 24 cm). In building of wooden houses, for example, use saw logs with a diameter of four ranges: 300 — 320 mm 260 — 280 mm 220 — 240 mm 180 — 200 mm.

The same standards Regulated by the length of logs: sawlogs materials should have a length of 4 to 6.5 m for softwood and not less than 3 m for soft hardwood and birch (both graduation is 0.5 m); length of solid hardwood must be at least 1 m (graduation — 0.1 m).And when exporting softwood sawlogs, the sorted in the North, with a length of 3.9 to 7.5 m (0.3 m gradation) in the case of the Black Sea sorting wood from 4 to 8 m (0.25 m gradation). This material should have extra length of 3-6 cm, not included in the calculation of length.

Saw logs higher grades practical and inexpensive material in the construction of houses, baths, garden complexes and arbors. Wood products have a low thermal conductivity, resistance and durability.Selected saw logs as a building material has a high resistance to water due to the saved logs during storage of the top layer of wood which rich of resin. Sawn timber forest preserves and volatile, kill bacteria and improve indoor air composition. Sawlog is the best material to create practical and economical wooden buildings.