Edged board in Moscow

The most demanded boards on the Russian market are the edged boards. Edged board and timber has many useful properties, one of them is a wide range of its application.Lifetime of the boards can reach to 100 years old, it’s very strong, and it has a wide range of sizes, which makes it suitable for the construction of any structure. Moreover, its price is quite low.

Edged board is sawn from all sides and has a rectangular cross-sectional shape. Nowadays, there are several varieties of the boards with a quality licensedby the Russian standards(GOST).Selecting edged boards in Moscow should be based on which purpose and place where it will be applied.It’s very important to choose the right board for the right purpose.For example, there is no reason to use an expensive board with a high grade in rough work or roof sheathing.Edged boards used in various fields of construction and industrial work. Most often edged boards in Moscow used as supplementary material in the construction of wooden houses, saunas, pavilions, terraces, paneling and so on. Recently, this material has begun to be used for making furniture.

Main properties of edged boards:

Conifers are the basic material for production edged boards. If the board has a high quality, then it definitely should be without remains of the tree bark, it may be only a very small amount of them, which is also regulated by GOST standards.The edged boards in Moscow producing mainly from softwood (mainly: pine, spruce and larch). This is due to the following important parameters, whichthe material has:

  • resistance to excessive moisture;
  • strength;
  • durability.

These three properties are the most important when choosing a material for the construction of wooden houses.

To prevent possible rotting boards, the material should be properly stored. It is better to lay edged boards in Moscow stacked, and to provide good ventilation in the storage room.For additional protection, all the boards are treated with antiseptic. As a result of such action, edged boards will be stored for a long time, while retaining their basic properties.