Edged board made of pine

Edged boards made of pine are integral part of modern construction, and that’s why it’s always demanded. Production is starting from cutting whole logs, then processing each board from all the sides, to be all the surfaces smooth and clean of bark.

Edged boards from pine have a very big field of applications.This material is very popular due to its very good prices. It depends on the breed of feedstock size of the board (for example, two 3-meter boards are cheaper than one 6-meter board, because to find a short section on the trunk of the tree with a high quality is much easier than long section) and the processing performed by the source material.

Most often edged boards are made of softwoods such as made of pine. Moreover, raw materials for it should not have any even minor defects such as precipitated swirls, sticking knots, nicks and so on.By using only high quality raw materials and processing wood only with modern equipment, the output is great, ready-to-use product.

We use the most reliable equipment for woodworking, from Germany. Our boards are manufactured strictly in accordance with the requirements of GOST 8486/86.Before the sale we carefully inspect and sort out all the products according to certain parameters. Our board has good quality and can be used for absolutely any job. Each client will be able to find us the best solution for his budget.

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