Edged timber

Edged timber is planked bars with a cross section of 16 x 8 mm to 250 x 100 mm, and the list of species of wood, from which it is made, in fact, is incredibly broad. Basically cut timber is produced from coniferous trees, and most often, spruce and pine.

If you plan to use this material as a decoration inside and outside the house, it is, of course, must be made of other, more valuable wood (hardwood).The main difference between edged timber and unedged is the ability to release the board from the bark by trimming what can be done immediately after cutting the whole logs.

Most often, a dry cut timber used in the exterior decoration and interior design, as well as to create a wall slabs. Important advantages of this type of material are a good degree of resistance to corrosive effects and deformation.In addition, the interior decorative walls in the room, experienced builders often pay attention to the presence of knots and their quantity in the wood, and this, in turn, reflects not only the aesthetic qualities, but the degree of strength of the material as well.

Edged timber in the form of a bar with a square cross-section used in the construction of cottages and houses, baths, and also to build frames for the construction of roofs and wall slabs.