The basic understanding of edged board

While selecting materials for construction work should pay attention to such a popular building material as edged board. Buying edged board can be in our company.

Edged board is a material made from softwood logs, trees, with the passage of cleaning the whole cortex, including the edges. During the construction should always choose specific type of woodbecause each type of tree has its own strength and moisture resistance.Before you buy edged board you have to remember that it should be without wane (a particular edge of a ready board, which is made of round wood and thus, can be seen at the edges of the uncut). In fact, in this lumber wane happens rarely, in exceptional cases and only in strict order.

The main characteristics of the boards:

Usually, the boards are separated by specific parameters: thickness, width, kind of wood, the final amount of the processing of the material and of course, the purity of the board. After considering all these parameters we can get different sorts of wood. That sort of variety of finished material cost depends on.Buying edged board is possible when considering specific standards, which determine the grade of the product. Larch is the most expensive option, and at the same time, it has very high reliability and stability.

Usually, the production of boards occurs at certain specified standards sizes. But we are producing boards depends on the order, significantly different from the standard sizes depending on the given conditions.

The standards include:
- Width — 100, 150, 200 mm.
- Thickness — 25, 40, 50 mm.
- Length — 6 meters.

In order to choose and buy edged board is necessary to consider the purpose of its application:
- Furniture.
- Flooring.
- Overlapping roof.
- Construction of internal partitions.
- Creation of frameworks, including yard buildings and garages.
- Construction of garages, gazebos, etc.

More expensive and durable materials are used to create various pieces of furniture. And for construction purposes usually apply cheap wood.