Features of timber as a building material

Such a building material, as a board, is gaining popularity nowadays. It is not surprising, since the cost of lumber is affordable and the house finishing builtin time.

Constructed house from a bar are different ecological and warmth. They are very warm in the winter and they can withstand any weather. Bruce hardly exposed to rotting, because built house will serve for decades. A very important feature of timber is its environmental cleanliness and safety for living people. It’s worth to pay the high cost of this lumber because of it healthy advantages.

Distinguishing characteristics include the ability of timber to breathe at any time of year and weather conditions. It can withstand a large load, making it possible to use it as a frame. Bruce is mainly made of tree species such as spruce and pine. Additionally, veneer lumber has minimal shrinkage. This means that over the life of the house, it will keep crisp geometric shapes designed initially.

The cost of timber offset by a series of useful properties:
- Reliability and durability.
- Environmental material.
- Crisp geometric lines.
- Timber hardly susceptible to rotting.

To date, it may be noted that from the beam produce most of the wooden houses. If we consider the shrinkage of the house, it is only one percent, in this lies in the construction of such rapidity of timber houses. The construction of house from a bar reminding about the designer where by his own order each item is placed in sequence.

If we take the value of timber, the resulting structure of the house is not much differing from the price of the material itself. The average construction time is three months. If you compare home from a bar with a house made of logs, the difference is tangible, because the last shrinkage would take about a year, sometimes even two. And only after that, you can start the decoration.