Features of wooden lining

Our company for a long time deals with the implementation of various types of lumber. This topic is presenting you the wooden boards at low cost, which can only be purchased in Moscow. That your choice was faster and easier, we divided the material into separate categories according to size.For all time of our activity we have managed to explore all the features of sawn wood intended for construction of saunas, steam baths, dwellings and any other. In this regard, in the event you have difficulties, we can advise you on the best solution for a particular problem.

Everyone knows that the best part of all building materials made entirely from wood. This material is truly indispensable because of its excellent physics and technical parameters, natural appeal texture and many other great qualities inherent to this type of material. Most often, according to the statistics used wooden boards at low prices. This is duein the first place, to a relatively low price and the properties that have a clean timber.

The main advantages

The main factor for mass use lining is not only the low cost.Wooden linings consumers like and others not less important characteristics. For example, it has excellent sound insulation, very comfortable and supple in the processing, it can without much effort be used in repair work.

Also, if you use it for interior decoration, it allows you to maintain a normal level of humidity. That is why such material does not be afraid to use in areas with excessive moisture content. As a result, this led to the fact that as one of our activities is the production and sale of lining for sauna. Consequently, a healthy microclimate in the room trimmed clapboard provided to you.

Technical specifications

Lining itself inherently is a thin board. Because of special grooves, strengthen lining boards together pretty easily, and the strength of the resulting coating and remains consistently high.

In the modern world paneling used in almost all areas of construction and finishing works. It is an indispensable material for exterior and interior decoration with a high degree of humidity (bath, sauna), residential buildings, and many other building.

The scope and possibilities

Recently, the choice of this material on the market is very high. Price wooden lining composed in the first place of feedstock. Most often linings made from softwood, such as, for example, larch, spruce, pine, cedar and so on. Much less you can find lining from linden, aspen and other hardwoods. Your choice should depend on the specific purposes for which the material will be used:
- For bath and sauna is best suitable lining of lime, oak and birch.

- Use linings for rough work are recommended only that which is made of relatively cheap materials such as spruce and pine.

- Finish indoors expedient to undertake lining of beech, maple or oak.

The price depends not only on the variety of raw material on wooden lining but also on the country of origin. Just from our own experience, we can say that the most expensive material is a material made and imported from Finland. If you need a more economical solution, then, in this case, the ideal option would be the boards from Russia, for example, produced by our company.