Store of lumber

Sawn timber is usually flat sawn products, having two flat and parallel to each other face. The principle of the manufacture of lumber is the whole sawing logs into equal parts, after which they were cut out carefully and gently to the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Must of lumber have a relatively high price, because of that not all are with a good quality. The remaining is the remains and various fines or simple wood sawdust.

We classify all timber to edging and not edging sided. All of them are available in our store of lumber.

Unedged material — is the one which cut off one surface and the other is the lateral surface of the source timber. Material such as unedged board mainly used to create small items bearing design, as well as flooring or cladding.using unedged board in such a wayto be hidden under the part of the facade, harboring it from any further negative effects it,and that’s why no need for strict requirements for operation and construction of the timber classification.

Edged boards are sawn from four sides and the quantity of wane (the size by the rest of the logs) does not exceed the standard norms.On construction sites such material is often used for the construction of walls, internal and external cladding, ceilings, floors and many other works.

Edged single sided timber has only a single edge and a sawed-off layer.

In addition to the classification of the type described above, there is another type, which is the main criterion for the type of treatment.So timber can be divided into two types: planed and unplanned. In planed material cross-sectional shape can be very diverse, depending on where and for what they are applied. Usually, this information is specified in the timber store.

And finally, there is a third way of grading, which determines how far from the heartwood was cut. In accordance with this rule, timber can be divided into lateral, central and medullary.

Side boards’ type usually manufactured in the gap between the central part and timber offcuts. Products similar types are characterized by their clean, smooth surface and they are easily machined.

The boards cut from the barrel of the core, on the contrary, characterized by the abundance of knots and notches on their surface, which, of course, much reduces the overall quality of the material. Especially common among them cracks often occur.

The central board made by sawing logs along the heartwood. When the master saw logs so, various defects of wood in a given tree can be seen almost immediately. Of course, if you compare with the side having the best quality, these boards do not have a similar, but they are still better than the core of the board, as in this case there is mid-cut annual ring, so cracking, respectively, is rarer. The lowest quality of the three above-mentioned species has medullary board.

Now that you know about all three classifications, which are divided on all lumber, and, in particular, the board, you have more chances to make the right choice when buying them in a store of lumber.