To buy timber

Material such as edged timber is popular especially in modern construction sites. Unlike the usual timber it differs only in that all its sides cropped, resulting in a spectrum of its application becomes much wider.In additional, from this timber can be done easily glued or profiled beam, for different types of constructions.

Back in time when our grandparents lived, the current abundance of technological solutions were not in sight, and the main material in the construction of houses and other buildings were large tree trunk, or rather, a log.However, due to the large number of defects in the form of irregularities and knots, people forced to think about improving the technology of woodworking.Interesting fact: the first prototype of the usual timber, which is currently in use everywhere, was sleepers, in a time when Russia began to appear in the first place in the railroads.

An edged timber is also called a timber, which is cut off from three or two sides (standard — four sides cropped). Consequently, there are 3 kinds of timber: squared, three sides cut and two sides cut.The most popular among consumers is three sides cut timber.The main advantage of this product is that the outside of the house looks like a whole log, and inside the wall is smooth, suitable for any treatment and decoration.

As known, edged timber can be applied not only in the construction of houses and other residential buildings, but also saunas, arbors, sheds, and so on.Beam thickness range from 20 to 200 millimeters, the width may be from 40 to 250 millimeters and the length variation from 3 to 6 meters.According to the common in Russian standards GOST, thickness and width of the beam should not be less than 10 centimeters. Otherwise, such a timber called a bar, which in fact; it is also a board, only a reduced size.

Edged timber buy has good resistance to fire, on a par with even metal. In addition, the material is resistant to shrinkage and cracking, moisture-resistant, eco-friendly and well holds warm.

Usually, to produce the edged bars, specialists selecting a high quality raw materials from softwood (pine, spruce, larch, fir).Coniferous tree holding large quantity of tar and thissuccessfully prevents harmful bugs. More and more popular on the market today uses pine logs.Trunk of a pine tree usually straight and has a large number of knots, which greatly simplifies the process. Of course, the pine material peculiar bluish light, but useful properties of this in no way affected.

For the work indoors often use spruce timber.It, unlike pine, is not affected by blueness, but over time it can start to rot slightly.The structure of the spruce wood is looser than pine, so the insulating properties of the timber expressingbetter.

At the same time timber from larch very water resistance and it is not exposed rotting.The cost of larch timber is slightly higher than that of the same material of pine or spruce, for the material when exposed to moisture becomes stronger only, and saving all useful properties.

Bar, as well as any other timber, has their flaw, which must always be remembered.Perhaps the most important disadvantage is the excessive tendency to deform; it appears after artificial drying or processing of wood chemical composition.To buy timber made of coniferous trees, you should not be afraid of water, but on the contrary, under its influence increases its durability qualities.

Any structure made of wood is always breathing, because the wood passes through a fine air, filling it with their pleasant aroma.In winter, the warm air in the house will be saved, and the cold outside will not go inside.For strength, edged timber is not inferior even whole logs.

Besides the construction of houses, timber is also used in the construction of ships, as well as carriages and trailers for cars.

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