The use of lumber in Moscow

When it comes to construction, the first question is the choice of materials. If the construction is done with limited termsthen wood is the best material to use. Lumber in Moscow presented a wide range, because to choose suitable price and appearance of materials is not difficult.

In this big choice of wood,the most important for a lot of people the price offered by different suppliers and manufacturers.And nobody should miss the quality of the proposed timber for elite wood andeven options for the small budgets, which can help you to save a considerable amount of money.

What kind of low cost lumber we produce?

Euro lining is a universal timber of larch, which is designed for a variety of cladding surfaces.Why is it called euro lining? The name came as a result of the European standards for the sizes. Euro lining is protecting from the slots at different temperatures.

Glued laminated veneer lumber is a popular durable material in the production of which is based on multiple layers of veneer bonding, which leads to its incredible strength. It is such process of creating material preserved its characteristic layered structure has many other advantages.

Terrace board is a material used for the arrangement of terraces. It is based on the production of wood-plastic composite from wood waste consisting of sawdust and plastic.The most frequently terrace boards are made of larch. This wood is known because of its advantages. It has enough hardness and density, which plays an important role in the basis floorings.The wood contains a natural antiseptic to withstand any temperature changes. For it it’s not terrible either high temperature or low. Moreover, resistant to different mechanical loads.

Imitation timber is totally different from timber both in quality of the material and its price.Appearance resembles a bar, but it does not correspond to reality.It is used as an external wall finishing material and can be used for indoor decoration. Imitation timber is affordable, because is one of the options for small budgets.