Timber in Moscow and Moscow region

Nowadays, wooden timber is more often used in construction. Range of areas its use is so wide that makes it very problematic. Experienced builders now include timber to the classic material. Typical timber looks not only as cropped from four sides’ log.Since the wood every year becomes more technological and qualitative, the growing popularity of material such as wooden timber comes almost immediately. In former times, the construction of houses was used instead of a simple timber frame, which is trunk trees cleared of bark.Such a method of construction now almost lost its relevance, however, some owners who need it a classic old-style hut, bought the construction or building of their own framework. Note that the cut timber in Moscow is more practical than the other varieties of this material. Besides, it has many advantages.
Advantages of profiled timber:

  • Low cost;
  • The possibility of rapid production, delivery and build homes, without special equipment and machinery;
  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • Houses built with such a material, easy to decorate;
  • Clean material for the environment.

The most common materials in the production of timber are mainly conifers (spruce, pine, and in rare cases — larch).Usually, timbermade of pine woodhaving the best quality, because it has less knots and other nasty chipping. Resins impregnated by the pine wood, allowing it to retain the initial properties for long periods, as well as protecting it from the effects of excessive amounts of moisture. Timber, made ​​of spruce, has very insulation values.

The minimum size of standard timber is 100×100 mm, if smaller dimensions, usually called bars. Maximum size of timber is 200×200 mm; larger dimensions are usually made by order.For the width of timber, it primarily depends on the place of application and climate conditions. The house, built from timber with dimensions 150×150 mm perfectly able to keep warm in 30-degree cold. Lumber sizes from 200×200 mm used in harsher climates.

In Moscow you can buy almost any kind of timber. In the capital this kind of building material was very widespread.

Nowadays the wood is considered one of the best choices for building a house all over the world. People watching regularly changing trends and are well aware of the ecology, its healthy and durable. That is why, now most of the people when buying any thing asking from which country it is brought and from which material is made.

The main advantage of wooden materials is that they «breathe», the air is passing through it. In the past time, a lot of people even considered that wooden housesare alive because they arecaring about those who living inside like people caring about their visitors. May be that is why, the house during the winter quickly absorbing the heat given by the battery and other heaters, and in the summer to maintaining a comfortable temperature.

One more important advantage of the home from timber is that erecting it is not difficult, and constructing such houses usually very fast. In addition, it doesn’t matter which type of ground using in the foundation.It should be noted that if your home will build professionals, probably they will make the most elegant designswhich can be made easily from wood.As a result, the interior of your home will look like a fairy tale invented by you, warmth and goodness.

However, we still ask ourselves the question: why timber from the Moscow region? Why not log? Experienced builders recommend a timber or bar, primarily because it is the most favorable and convenient for construction activities.timber not keeping even the smallest gaps, which may miss the cold or excessive moisture, and the assembly of timber, as we have said earlier, is quite fast.

When choosing building materials such as timber from the Moscow region, you need to correctly assessing your budget.If it is limited, then the ideal option would be profiled-dried or wet timber. Same for residential houses recommended using glued timber from Moscow region. The price of the natural one will be slightly higher, but experts’ saying it’s worthy to choose it.

Generally, the choice should be of the customer himself. The house, built from any kind of timber, even if profiled, though glued or any others, will long serve his owner without losing its former elegance.