Timber in Tula

Bruceis now one of the most important building materials. It can be used as a basis for profiled or glued timber, it’s a wood cut from four sides. Or made of glued timberwhich incredibly durable and able to serve you for a very long time.

Earlier, people mainly usedwhole logs in the construction of their houses, but due to significant deficiencies,they started using such material like bar or timber which became very popular.Now, the main wood construction lumber became more sophisticated, such as Edged board, bar, block-house and others.

Today, there are several varieties of glued timber in Tula. They are available in two, three and four sloped sides. Currently, the most commonly used in the construction of the triple glued timber, giving the impression of a log house, outdoor looks smooth, and indoor straight walls.The rest species can be used in completely different purposes, whether it is for the floor joists, various floors, which are also often manufactured from glued timber in Tula. The price of glued timber in Tula is not as high as its quality and how it looks like.

Especially important consideration is the moisture contents in the Bruce can be very high and vice versa, and then the timber is considered as a dry.There are two types of wood according to the degree of humidity: dry (8 to 12 percent) of the natural wood moisture, which depends on the ambient humidity.Of course, more is preferred dry material because of its strength and they are not susceptible to deformation. But timber natural moisture property has little to modify its shape under the influence of unfavorable external factors. Wooden timber are often used to create furniture, interior finishing of residential buildings, the construction of baths, pavilions and other buildings, whichmost of the people just can not imagine their lifewithout it.Now, timber in Tula at our factory so numerous that some manufacturers have to sell it at a lower price, so hurry!