Bruce natural moisture

The most optimal material for the construction of large buildings is a timber with a natural humidity because of its low price and ease of assembly. For the construction of baths and houses are often used profiled bar.

Profiled bar is mainly used for the construction of load-bearing structures (beams and frame) construction. In such designs, the use of profiled beam due to the presence in it of special grooves that allow to get a securely fasten.

The surface of the profiled bars perfectly smooth, so additional processing finished wall is not required. Due to the rather complicated profile of wall will not miss the cold air into the house, and fixing on a «thorn-groove» provides high durability.The resulting wall of the timber will be smooth and even, that is why you don’t have to waste extra cash for additional surface treatment. Bruce made of softwood, has a beautiful inner texture and pleasant aroma of wood, which is known to be very useful for health.

But profiled bar with a natural humidity has its own shortcomings.

Completing the home can only finish after the foundation of the structure finally sits down, as in the process of natural drying the material is little reducing size.

During drying timber with natural humidity it may appear little signs of cracking. Their number and size of potential depends largely on the ambient temperature conditions in the period of time when there was a build. The higher the temperature, the more cracks may be formed, and the more they are in size. In addition, a direct impact on the size and number of cracks formed having a cross-section.Usually more cracks appear on the side with a larger area, as it acts on it high pressure due to various internal processes in the drying process the material. If the cross-section in the timber is square, then the degree of cracking the same on all its sides. But, the procedure and the proposed location of cracking can be determined in advance by making a small cut to set the future direction of the crack most favorable.