Timber and board

Wood is in the top of the most popular and demanded sawn timber. Each person before starts building anything, gives a question: where to buy and what kind of timber? Today a lot of modern technologies invented by sawing and processing of timber, which making the products getting better.it is a very practical, ecological and strong material suitable for any construction work. When using timber for construction of residential or holiday home, you can be totally sure in the reliability of the building being erected and your financial situation, as the price of timber, in our time, is really low.

Before buying a timber you must decide exactly what type you need. There are three kinds of timber:

  • two side’stimber with treatment from two sides;
  • three side’stimber with treatment from three sides;
  • squared timber with treatment from four sides.

The most demanded squared timber, in which all four sides equal. Cut has a rectangular shape, which must necessarily correspond to one of the parameters GOST. Also, now it’s very common to order the production of timber, where you can offer your own size.

What is the price of the timber?

The pricing in the first place, affected bythe length, the quality of the finished product, wood species and other little less important factors.Our prices comparing with the quality are the best and keeping our clients satisfied.


There are two types of boards: not edged and edged. Not edged board is a result of primary processing of wood, basically, it is coniferous and some others, such as ash, oak and cedar. The edges of the boards are raw, that’s why one of them can have bark residues.Because of its versatility and unpretentiousness, not edging board can be used in many areas of construction. It can be freely used for roofing, flooring and create many other works.Wherever needed solid construction, and the appearance is not very important, the best choice is the not edging boards.Edged board also has processed surfaces, has no bark, unlike the not edging, and scope of application is wider, since in addition to important qualities of strength, it also looks attractive. Of course, price of such a board is a little higher.

How to choose and buy a board?

Quality of not edging, and indeed any board can be identified by the presence of various surface defects such as knots, nicks, dents etc. All those, of course, should not be on the boards with a high quality.

Board can be purchased in our company. Here you can buy high-quality boards for the best price. We have a lot of kinds of boards with different grades, even with any quantity you need. You don’t need to dig through the internet to find the right supplier anymore. You reached to the wright address.