Timber from the manufacturer

Timber — is a kind of solid wood processed from four sides on a special machine. It’s used in construction of residential and commercial buildings. There is a big choice of the dimensions of this material; anyone can purchase a timber with dimensions of 50×50 mm to 200×200 mm or more by order.

First of all, the timber from the manufacturer differs by dryness.Bruce is dry and has natural moisture.The price is low because it doesn’t need a special treatment to reach to the required level of humidity (8%).But from an operational point of view, dry timber is better, and the period of building the house is very short, and hence should improve the quality of the foundation of a particular construction.

The most popular material, which applying in construction, is the timber from the manufacturer from softwood like pine or spruce.Apparently, this is due to good water resistance and reliability of the material.Also, in great demand from builders uses timber from larch, as its wood is very durable.

The price of timber from the manufacturer mainly based on its size and the type of wood used as raw material for its manufacture.As standard, the thickness of such products should not be less than 100 millimeters. Bars have different varieties. It is all from the same material, but of smaller size (e.g., 50×50 mm). It is used to create temporary construction, ceilings, beams, and any other similar works.

If the climate in your area not ideal, you’ll like timber 200×200, it perfectly retains warmth and prevents cold wades into the house.A few smaller lumbers — 150×150 is not designed for such purposes, but the heat at ambient temperature: 30-35 C keep it quite capable.For load-bearing parts of the frame house under construction and rough work can approach timber with dimensions of 100×100.

The quality of any timber is determined primarily by its surface which must be perfectly flat and smooth and have no knots and chipping.That is the product we produce. After high quality carried lumber processing, additional finishing interior walls is not required, in addition, reduces your financial construction costs.

Here you can purchase high-quality timber from the manufacturer, wholesale or retail. Big range of sizes of our lumber is always at the right high level.