What features of the logs?

In this article, we try as much as possible to tell intelligibly what is log, as it is processed, and how you need to prepare the wood before building a house.

For what reason people choose a log?

Each person can imagine perfectly conventional wood trunk when it is wide at the root, and, approaching the crown trunk becomes narrower, and the tree trunks are rarely have a uniform diameter throughout its length. During harvesting already sawn timber, builders often faced with a variety of materials, which every now and then you need to adjust to each other.So, that’s why construction costs related to rounded logs is so high, builders doing a huge amount of manual work.But over time, the process of building a house made of logs was optimized, and people are increasingly using this wonderful material for their homes or cottages.

Round logs should be flat over the entire length

Constructions of houses from logs usually, where are some small elements and details need to communicate with each other.Modern technologies allow harvesting whole logs this way, to make it perfectly smooth diameter (with allowable error of 2 mm). However, from the humidity of the forest, too, actually, a lot depends, because wood is hygroscopic.

During cylindering the logs, technologists try not to touch the outside of the material, it is less prone to rot all. If cylindering really quality in the center of the logs and will remain the core (central circle). After cylindering logs sorted depending on the diameter. It can be 180, 200, 220, 240, 260 and even 280 millimeters.

What is shrinkage and Compensating grooves?

Making log house made of the logs the most common method in the construction business, and that’s the reason for creating longitudinal shrinkage of the recess to the beam as tightly as possible lay on lower crown.In order to prevent of major cracks in the wood, due to its internal high-voltage, under the logs can make a small joint, which is also called «compensating groove.»

In any case, the crack will always appear, because the tree still alive. But if you want to avoid a particularly large cracks that undermine the aesthetic appearance of the entire future home, then you need to pay attention to the next paragraph, where we will focus on harvesting wood literate before the construction of the house.

The primary preparing timber for house construction

The preparation of the material depends on many things: how will subsequently be processed wood, whether there will be a uniform shrinkage of the house and, in the end, how long your home will be able to serve you.

The ideal option for construction will be wood, imported from northern regions of our country, because it is there, in the colder temperature conditions, the trees grow slowly, and their wood becomes denser and stronger.Begin to prepare material for construction; it is best in the winter season. In the cold, the tree freezes movement of juices, and it contracts itself to survive the frosts well. Such a preform will provide your timber a greater resistance to moisture, better strength and uniform shrinkage of the finished structure.

What is the main advantage of the logs?

Maybe you heard about the wonderful island of Kizhi in the Okhotsk Sea. Most of the island is occupied by wooden museums built in the 18th and 19th centuries.And you can see with your own eyes that all these structures are well preserved to our days, without the use of any auxiliary antiseptics and other chemicals, because they were not even exist at that time.

What are the advantages of using the logs in modern construction?


After removing the sapwood in processing the logs significantly reduces the risk of decay and origin of the wood of various harmful bacteria. It should be noted that the layer of sapwood should be removed together with the cambium, phloem and bark.Layer which remains after removal of sapwood — core, which does not occur physiological processes and in the development of the tree, it does not participate, but only because of it, the tree is so strong and has good resistance exercise, such as rain, snow, Of course, the weight of the tree. Therefore, we can say that the log is the best building material, from physical, technical, aesthetic points of view.


The house, built of logs, able to blend into any landscape design, creating a harmonious blend with the surrounding world.

Efficiency of construction

Construction of houses made of logs in reality is faster than any other building material. This is due to competently composed production plan of log in manufacturing technology and a special pre-treatment of wood.After processing, the log gets a flat shape and grooving holes and bowls joint factory located perfectly accurate. Consequently, building a house on finished project runs really fast, and the joints between the logs obtained the maximum dense. So, the house made of wood, manufactured only in the factory, which provides the highest quality.Therefore, you don’t need to take a part in processing the wood. As a result, the period of construction of the house significantly reduces. To be more exact, to build a wallyou need about 2 weeks.

The approximate cost of construction of houses made of logs

Industrial is a more economical option of obtaining high quality original surface material. Few owners hesitant to spend the extra money on additional external and internal surface treatment for the natural beauty of natural wood, makes them forget about it.By experience we can say that in the same brick house on the additional finish, on average, it takes more than 20% of the total money spent on construction. The walls of the timber, in its turn, require wallpapering, or any other way of cladding.

The rate of population residents

Choosing wood for building houses, the first thing you need to pay attention to the humidity indicator, it should be natural. However, if you intend to use chopped logs, implementing the settlement

will be possible only after three years after the frame will be laid. In all other cases, the approximate duration of settlement is much shorter.