Wall paneling in Moscow

The main characteristics of siding

Since the raw material for the production of this the material is usual wood, it likewise will have all its useful properties. Some people use wall paneling in Moscow to hide a variety of surface defects, irregularities, depressions or conventional wiring. Virtually any surface, trimmed clapboard immediately acquire a new, more beautiful aesthetically look and space, and has a good sound insulation properties.In addition, the wall paneling can be installed by any adult person easily, so calling builders to install it is completely optional. In addition, it just like a tree, is capable of creating a favorable housing and welcoming atmosphere, emitting unique aroma of wood.

There is another kind of lining which main difference is that it’s manufacturing in strict accordance with the European standard.However, the manufacturers themselves use the term «euro lining» rarely, naming their product simple paneling or siding Moscow, though it meets the necessary standards.

Parameters of siding

It would be worth to say a few words about the main parameters of siding in Moscow. They are: length, width and thickness. Their length may be 2, 3 or 6 meters, the maximum width of 15 millimeters, and the thickness may be from 12 to 25 millimeters. According to all the same European standard wood moisture can reach 10-15%.Also, an important factor in the production of any timber is drying method. Modern equipment provides uniform drying of wood with an expense with less time. We produce wall paneling of all types of wood, but in great demand coniferous species, such as pine,spruce and larch. Before choosing a lining in Moscow you have to decide beforehand for any specific purposes you need it, from primarily depends on choice the feedstock for its production.

For wall decoration, linings attach in one of two directions: horizontally or vertically. To narrow space more suitable horizontal layout, it visually expands the space, and for larger areas space, it is desirable, of course, it should be laid vertically, so a few narrow room visually.For a change and give some highlights can be stacked combinations or diagonally. Such methods are usually used by designers and creative personalities. Paneling clapboard for ceiling should come from end of the room to the window. Due to this installation, the shadow effect which seen between the boards, becomes less noticeable.