Wall paneling from the manufacturer

Honorable place on the timber market of building materials has long been defined.Mankind has not yet invented a material more universal than wood. If the cladding or finishing work you do chose wood material, in this case, you definitely cannot do without lining from producer. People like wood, not only because of its beautiful natural qualities that are useful for health, but also the simplicity of its use, and in any conditions.Materials of wood with the same success can be applied in the conduct of both external and internal finishing works. As a result, the wall paneling premises acquire a perfectly smooth and flat surface to touch and look at which will be a pleasure. As for the very good sound insulation properties of the tree, and as everyone knows, the tree fully reflect sound waves.Somewhere wooden board altogether is the only material applicable for interior walls. With conventional wooden boards can be surprisingly easy to simulate the wall of logs or timber.

Therefore, the method of clapboard cladding manufacturer is good not only for its functionality, but also aesthetic qualities. From an economic point of view wood paneling is cheaper than other modern cladding materials, as well as pre-treatment of the wall (filling, primer) is not required. The tree has a positive impact on the human body.It regulates the normal level of humidity, temperature support, and indeed, creates a special, favorable atmosphere in the house, creates a kind of comfort. And if a special treat wood protective structure, it will not lose its original appearance, even after 10 years. It well tolerates atmospheric swings, the temperature jumps and precipitation.

What is the difference between the lining and the euro lining?

There is one standard in Russia for the cladding boards, and the other one in Europe. The Russian standard GOST production lining considered 8242-88, the European — DIN 68126.Requirements for quality lining tougher and differ specific dimensions (width and thickness) and the strict parameter humidity. Another feature of the lining of the manufacturer, made by European standard, is lengthwise vents on the back side of the fabric. It also manages to achieve lower voltage drops during sudden humidity and temperature drops. In addition, the connection between grooves boards on eurolining usually deeper than materials made by Russian standards. As for the price, it is based on the tougher requirements for the quality of the board; euro lining is more expensive than middle class GOST requirements.