Where to buy cheap bar?

Most of construction and sawmills now offer their customers purchase the best quality lumber wood.With us you can buy an inexpensive timber for construction of residential houses, baths, and housesfor making smaller sized products, such as railings, windows and the like.In the production process of timber we are not using synthetic chemical components and adhesive impregnation stain. That is why, timber can be safely called «breathable» material, it retains heat well and maintains the moisture level in the room.

Buy cheap timber can also be in manyspecialized organizations, because of it the construction of your house or any other building will be much faster, and the durability and strength of the finished building will be very high.Such structures is very environmentally friendly and durable, do not require additional manipulation of the additional processing. This allows the timber to retain heat well in your home, as has a low thermal conductivity.

Usually in the manufacture of timber we use conifers. On special machines whole log is cut from four sides, eventually gets a square shape. Standard thickness of timber is 100 mm or more. For constructionthe best decision is a dry material that can retain more heat and shape for years.

The bars have exactly the same rectangular shape with a smaller size, usually up to 100 mm. Most often, this type of the material is a byproduct, so buy a cheap bar; you can do in the same way. The bar used mainly during finishing work indoors.

In recent years, the problem of housing in Russia has escalated significantly. But there is one good way to prevent this. It is ordering an inexpensive timber from our company, and then, as our builders, you can proceed with the construction of the house.

In any house built from wooden material, keeps all year round favorable atmosphere and flavor of the wood, is known to have healing effects. Usually in the houses of timber stored cool air in the summer, and in winter, the cold air doesn’t penetrate inside; it is possible to explain the magnificent thermal insulation properties of wood. The tree has its smallest pores, through which air passes. Serve and remain unchanged in terms of their functional properties, the tree can perfectly live over 100 years.

Beautiful house even from inexpensive timber combines functionality, aesthetics, durability and eco-friendliness, so you and your family will always feel a unique sense of comfort while at home.It should also be noted that the construction of a house on the finished project will cost you much cheaper than building a similar home, only in the absence of the drawing, as it will have to be from the ground up. Therefore, wooden house on the finished project can afford even a person with average financial prosperity, not to mention the rich population layer.

Those who have their own wooden house, by some specifically are individual personalities, as even the dwelling emphasizes their unique status. For example, modern house made of wood can be not only functional but also beautiful, and this is how you realized already talking about the sense of style of its owner. Therefore, buying a home from a bar, exactly, will be held for you with some benefit.

Nowadays, many companies are involved in construction of building and construction of wooden houses «turnkey». When ordering home from a bar should always be borne in mind that the most economical types of wood are coniferous species such as spruce, larch, and pine and so on. Even the most complex projects and sophisticated designs can be implemented. This requires truly professional builders, modern equipment and a clear plan of work.

We are always ready to fulfill your dream to a reality in your project of wooden house. Before manufacturing lumber and other materials for construction, we carefully select raw materials ready. So home from a bar will give you and your family a positively charged atmosphere and comfort for many years.

If you have a small budget, the perfect option for you, for sure, can become affordable home from a bar. We can accept your project of construction of a wooden house or offer to you our option, fulfill your design ideas.

In a modern house of affordable timber, with dimensions 6×9 m you will realize even the most unique and interesting style and design tricks benefit smaller cross-section beam, it allows you to do. Yet another interesting dimension to the house 8×8 m such buildings offer increased durability and reliability, which is achieved due to the greater thickness of the timber.