Pine wall paneling

Now, most construction firms and recommends prefer to use pine linings. It has its own distinctive features, which often are also benefits from the same fabric made from other wood species.


Boards of pine have the following features:

- strength;
- ecology;
- moisture;
- durability;
- resistance to mold and fungus.

It is well known that the coniferous species, especially pine, have a high content of internal resin that allows the wood to withstand various natural factors (excessive moisture, rot, etc.). A perfect balance of price and quality with the benefit makes it different with similar material made of other tree species, such as, for example, alder, cedar, larch, aspen and others.

The normal rate of pine lining humidity is between 5 and 15%. In any room, trimmed this material almost immediately creates a special microclimate that will be equally useful for both us: people and our pets.

Wall paneling from pine is very attractive material, so it easily can be found in the interior of a fancy restaurant, saunas, bowers and cottages representative ownerswhose love to pamper themselves and, of course, once again surprise their guests. Most often, pine linings used for decorative doors, columns, niches and slopes.

The world’s largest suppliers of this material are Finland and Russia, which is not surprising, because many forests in those two countries abound conifers.

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