Timber from producer

Since ancient times, people began to use wood to build their homes. Previously, this material is not only required additional treatment than any other. Now in our time, materials of wood preserved their dignity, occupying a huge place in the market.The development of the building materials market is parallel with the development of the construction industry itself; there are new kinds of materials, new processing technology, resulting in product quality tends upwards.

Wood single material having such unique advantageous properties:
1. This material is environmentally friendly. In addition, during the construction of baths, the only building material is wood, because it has all the necessary characteristics.
2. High strength.
3. Exceptional durability. Wooden houses with the right care can stand for more than one century.
4. Reasonable cost.
5. Easy to use.

Field of application of lumber

Timber from producer successfully applied not only in the construction of houses and baths. As we know, the people in a city apartment and aspire to create a cozy corner with the help of beautiful accessories made of wood; as demand grows on wooden doors and windows.Maybe this opinion seems to someone controversial, but the wood is really completely environmentally friendly material that can not only create a healthy atmosphere in the room, but also to elevate its coziness. One has only to think, range of applications from the manufacturer of lumber so wide that to list all at once is impossible, like the construction of houses, cottages, saunas, interior elements, doors, windows and floor finishing.Most often lumber made from only two tree species: spruce and pine. They are the easiest to use and the cost of them surprises even the inveterate builder.Experienced builders are well aware about which properties carry a timber.For example even pine, which is characterized by its resistance to water which makes it suitable for the construction of baths and saunas, where there is always high humidity.

Features of lumber production

Our company produces and sells timber from the manufacturer wholesale and retail already for many years.We have partnerships with other manufacturers, who are already established as competent and responsible suppliers.Modern precision equipment, skilled workers and quality raw materials allows us year after year successfully to sell timber from the manufacturer of high quality; the price is lower than that of neighboring woodworking organizations.Before each stage of production the products pass strict selection in accordance with the generally accepted Russian standards GOST or European standards if lumber madeby the European standard (Lining, block house, etc.) After placing the order the costumer can expect after few days the amount which required ready, paying and picking it up.

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